Souffle Clay

minislicer souffle mini2

My Mini Slicer arrived and had the day off to put it together.  It is such a perfect size for workshops too.

Time to Play…….

I also wanted to test Souffle clay in my extruder. I have tried this clay before with screen screening, inks & stamping and it worked fine. nice soft texture and light weight, but extruding it, did not go well.  It was so soft and limp, that it was hard to place the pieces together.  Failure! Im not sure if its the hot weather, since I was having a problem getting pizza dough to act correctly last week also.  Maybe I’ll try again in the winter with  just a plain square.    Live & Learn.

I put it in the icebox for a hour, then  decided to run it through the pasta machine, cut and stack until I got a nice very small design. I put it back in the icebox until it was really cold then slice it and put on scrap clay. I used my mini slicer to trim the sheet because I am bad at getting straight lines and I wanted to test this. It works swell. Thank You Lucy Clay Tools for my Bonus you sent me. I can’t wait until the Mammoth gets here.

By the way the puzzle of Yari was a image transfer I did when he was a puppy. I used white clay and a copy of a color photo, burnished, sprayed water and removed all the paper by rubbing, small soft circle motions, starting from the center and working out . Placed a large tile, and cut, so I would not have to move it when I baked it.


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