Silk Screen Clay and Reverse- Adjustable Cording

I really like Screen printing on Polymer Clay, but I’ve never tried a combo of coloring clay with inks first or making it into a Quilt, so heres how it went and lessons learned from my mistakes……

White clay, Inks & pattern, cut & mark


FullSizeRender 14
LC Cutters, I used the center one


 Pattern pieces


 silk screen with white craft paint


Cut out pattern pieces and put together


FullSizeRender 12
Back side showing the bail and cord technique


FullSizeRender 11 copy 2
Earrings have removable ear hooks
FullSizeRender 13
Necklace completed


I guess for my first time trying this  it wasn’t to bad, but I did do a few mistakes. When I colored my clay I put too much ink ; it really dried the clay, so  I had to add more clay. I went with translucent and a tiny bit of a colored clay for each one. Next time. Less is better.   Mistake number 2, I was happy with my silkscreen job,  but smeared the ink on purple section a tiny bit.  and I really mess up cutting out the sections. Be careful to keep all pieces together and do 1 at a time, making sure the each pattern piece is right side up . Of course 2 of my weren’t and I couldn’t figure out why they would all fit back together.  Finally baked put scrap backing on texture& bake again.  I used PYMII for the finish.

The cording I used was light brown Suede, because I really didn’t want Black on this one. I should have used round leather or tubing in another color, but it worked out fine. I hate , hate, hate, putting Jewelry components together, which is why I always have buckets of beads.  I normally use adjustable cording. It has always  bothered me that the 2 knots always winded up in the front of my neck , and with double cording in the back. SO reverse it. Just make sure your hole (bail) is large enough to accept 2 strands of cording loosely .  I love this much better.

The earring are the partial remains of the other sheets which were almost all destroyed from cutting wrong, so I only had that much left to work with. I use ear wires with Lobster claw  clasp because I can take them off and use them on the next pair of earrings . I also do the same thing with my chain pendants.

FullSizeRender 11
This one was Inks and stencils. Lots of fun!

Enjoy!! Have a Great Day

Theresa & Yari






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