Polymer Clay – low or no cost tools

You will be surprised at how many tools for clay you already have. Take a look around your home. Many items  can be found in your kitchen. Once you take it to the Clay space, it must never return to the kitchen .  Dig out all those tools you never use anymore, the cheap electric mini food chopper that you replace with a bigger one. The mini is great for chopping up clay into bits. I will show you a a tutorial post how I use mine.

Next head over to your bathroom and look at all of your hair product lids. What a variety of round shapes for cutters you probably have, and look at your deodorant, some have the best oval, & football shape lids.  How about those disposable razors?  That make some cool designs. One of my favorites is a set of Soft Pocket Palm Brush


Makes the coolest texture beads


Light bulbs are great for baking your clay pieces, ceramic tiles, soda can for bracelets, dollar store vinyl photo albums for your left over pattern pieces of clay to use on another project, brushes (makeup, old toothbrushes, adding machine empty tube for Mokume Gane designs, Bolts, darning needles and sewing needles, & nails, all decorated . sandpaper, deodorant caps, measuring spoons dollar store plastic for molds , rubber finger textures, Old biscuit cutter I bend to get a odd shape, toothpicks, knitting needle with glass bead I glue on one end, and the coolest mint tin shaped in a oval.  Also check out your craft stores in their baking section for great buys like the flower punch cutters for less then 3.00 dollars a set. I use these cutters for making lots of earrings.

Don’t forget all the buttons you said you were going to sew back on, but never did.  Mine were sitting on my sewing table, but now I use them for molds and stamping. Paper clips, binder clips and  you can even buy really great inexpensive ones that are really cool. To me using wire to make a shape never comes out that great and its not as strong as the shapes you can buy. If you have kids in school, you may even find some in their school supplies, or wait for the back to school sales.

unique paper clips

Make sure to carry a small ball of scrap clay with  you to test textures when you roaming the house & out and about.

Now start searching , and have fun!



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