Once upon a time, around 1998, I discovered and starting playing with clay. It was love at first bake. Since I also love to cook & bake, my love for cooking tools also made there way into my craft room, never to return, including 1 pasta machine. It worked better then nothing but was a real pain at workshops, like Joey Barnes said in her review.
There is nothing like forgetting your clamp, or worst yet having one but doesn’t work with the table they were using, and how about that handle that keeps falling out. We’ve all been there.
There were days I just didn’t want to deal with getting out my mallet and my husbands 1/2 ton press to condition my clay. There had to be a better way…. I was searching the internet one day, looking for new tools and saw the XXL-Extruder and I instantly had to have it!I had ordered my on Etsy, and found Lucy Clay was on Facebook. Me, being very private did not want to sign up, but I did ,using a different name.
Lucy Clay had me hooked and when I heard about them thinking about a clay machine I was checking FB everyday for updates. You see this company has ask us what we wanted. When does a company ever do that?
I live in Texas, so the bigger the better, right Joey?
I knew the Mammoth would be my Ultimate Tool .

I have taken different paths in clay and sometimes just experiments. Some Jewelry, extruder canes, little sculpting but, No shows,  no selling, it’s just my hobby.Knowledge to share and gifts for Holidays.



Drum roll please………………

  1. Conditions my whole bar of clay! No more Mallet! My old hands Thanks you
  2. Nice wide sheets, no piecing together 
  3. I can use my rubber stamps,  & stencils with my sheet of clay and get perfect texture every time without missing  a spot, (which I normally did )
  4. I can now go back to doing Encased clay with leafing & inks, since I can get that really thin layer of translucent onto a LC Plastic sheet and place it (with no wrinkles) right on to my clay. Available now at LC Tools store. GET THEM, You will love them. Watch Lucy’s video’s on how she use them
  5. The handle crank does not fall out and it is so easy to use, that I will never need a motor. But the gave those that want one a option. 
  6. Easy to disassemble blades to clean.
  7. Placing the machine anywhere on your workspace!! Finally no clamps, and those magnets are strong . Dream come true.
  8. I no longer have to put pieces together to get the thickest I want or need.I like using double thickest clay when I texture since it usually is the front & back. Before the Mammoth I had to do each texture separate , bake, put together and bake for the 3rd time Pictures or video available on how to do this, soon.
  9.  Well made. This is made to last, just like your Grandma’s Cast iron pans. It a real work horse, I mean Mammoth. I will never get bored ,I will have more time to play and better results.
  10.  Customer Service is near & dear to me since I work in a place that known for the best CS in USA.  Lucy Clay Tools has the best Team with superior contact with all  their customers. Not to mention they have Lucy, who is so talented and happy to make us videos and share all kinds of inspiration with us.  Jiri, who has gone out of his way to give us everything we wanted, and is still coming out with more  surprises.  I love doing business for this company and you will too. 


  1. So enjoyed this blog. You write in an informative but down to earth manner that I can understand. I feel as though we’re chatting. Keep up the good work. I’m sure Lucy, Jiri and the rest of the staff are happy to have you in their corner.

    1. Thank You Bev. Its Artists like you who keep me going.Your art is perfection , While I’m always trying to think outside the box. Sometimes with good luck:). Your encouragement means so much to me.

  2. Thank you, Theresa. I have been looking forward to reading about your thoughts on the LC Machine. I greatly appreciate your narrative style of writing – so easy to follow and, as Beverly has already written, it does feel as if you are chatting with an old friend 🙂

    I believe the LC Machine will prove to be the most useful tool we clayers can have. You’ve pointed out some of the great advantages it has over pasta machines which, while never intended for use with PC, made life easier than hand rolling. Now we have the Rolls Royce or Cadillac! No doubt as we all use it we will come up with other things it can do.

    Top marks to the Lucy Team for listening to what clay artists wanted and kudos to them for making top quality products.

    1. Thanks Marilyn, I love this machine, but still learning a lot about what it can do. I have been taking pictures and short clip video, with some things that will make it easier for the ones that are learning like me. I hope it helps them as much as it has helped me. I hope you can get one too. The conditioning of a whole bar of clay was what sold me at first, but now I am finding so many things I could do with my other machines. Hope to have more posted within 2 days.
      Hope you will check back.

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