How to use Silkscreens on Polymer Clay with Stencils

Today was all about thinking outside the box.  Lucy Struncova from made a great Video on Polymer Clay and silk screening. Check it out on Facebook or Utube.

Rather than make a project today, I thought I would experiment with some scrap clay, Stencils, and silk screen. I choose a drab brown and ecru  because it was the first thing I grabbed out of my 20 lbs or more scraps. Seriously, scraps of clay are great for so many things.

I grabbed a small old silkscreen, and a simple stencil   and tried them together. It actually worked, but I had too much paint.

So next week I will try again with a  larger version and share that. Also watch for making your own transfer page with stamps.

*The cover picture was ran through  number medium, then thin sitting to stretch out pattern.

Heres what I did

stencil, silk screen, scrap skinner blend and bowl of water for cleaning your screens
apply stencil first and brayer on
added silkscreen,Brayer on,  then paper on each side so the paint would only go on the silk screen


thick bodied acrylic paint applied using a old credit card . Red is my favorite color so thats what I choose.
It worked! the way lines are only in the stencil. The brown background has got to go. All that counts is that it was successful and I can now move on to perfecting it.




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