Welcome to my Polymer Clay Addiction

Ive been playing with Polymer Clay for more then 15 years. I must say of all the crafts I’ve done, this one never gets old.  Your possibilities are endless and just like anything you love, you become attached to it and its hard to let go. I have not done craft shows or sold my creations on line. They are gifted to friends & family and coworkers, and I often donate “orphan” beads to community centers.

I will first be taking you around my Art Space, and in my next post tell you about the equipment I use, and substitutions for the beginner that cost nothing. Just like in Cooking Posts, I will teach you 2 ways; with equipment or by hand and tools found in your home already. Curious???? Stay Tune  While you are waiting, browse around my room. Nothing fancy but its my space.


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