Crazy Stamps and Clay

Today was  playing with Tim Holtz crazy birds, Dogs & Cats Day. I love all Animals, so this was fun. My only problem is Im not a Scrapbook Artist, so this was out of my comfort zone. I decided to stamp them on Clay and Embellish with Canes, inks, paints , pastels, stencils & even some resin and glitter. Actually the glitter was a accident. I admit, I am a known to knock things over.  I needed to know what works what doesn’t, and here are the results: Some stamp before baking like this one;


Crazy dog was painted with inks, but I didn’t care for it so I painted on watermark and embossed with brown and  baked again, dabbed inks and little gold mica powder and textured with cutter cutter, baked again Applied Resin to see if that works, and it does, but since it was curved I had to brush on wait a day brush on again. Not real happy with the results.

This picture of the Crazy Bird, holding the ,Make American Great Flag, also had resin, but with the spilled glitter. I used a 5 year old cane since I was just playing. I wish now I would have just shaded the background.


Next up is  what I call , Yari  in living color. The white background was completely stenciled a few times and I decided not to paint his body. Different. May play with that one some more next week. He was stamped before baking as well as the last Cat. he middle picture of 2 clays I waited till I baked the clay.


The last is the Crazy cats and I decided to go Plain & simple. I think I like this best, no varnish, resin, stencils. Just cane slice stripes on the last one and all on a matte finish of bone clay with the edges darken a little on the 2 cats . I uses inks and pencils to color them, but got some new water color pencils I am going to try out next week and let you know how that worked. I plan on doing glass & clay ornaments for Christmas , and have a few more ideas that will really be fun for these guys. Just needed to practice with the coloring part before I begin.

Aren’t these fun???


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