Tools for Clay

clay slicer clay gun lightbox 8tool

These are my most Loved Clay Tools!!!!

Starting at the left we have the LC Slicer. I can’t tell you how amazing this is. I had given up caning for a while because I could never get perfect thin slices of clay. Not anymore. You will not believe how paper then you can slice.  Next picture is the clay Extruder and discs. I found a nifty penny coin keeper booklet that fits all my many discs. Very handy. You will not believe the endless designs you can make. I am always so excited to make a cane and I always save a slice and bake for  my own scrapbook of clay designs, with the colors recipes, type of clay…and more I’ll explain that in another post. Next up My great Light box Photo and video space my son got me for Christmas. I really am a poor photographer, but I play on practicing. Above the light box you will notice a triangular stand attached to wall. This is to set my camera or iPhone in my case in to take videos. I also have a camera plus app on both my phone and iPad to remotely turn it on & off and can view from my iPad what the camera is shooting. Pretty cool huh? The last picture is LC cutters ( Red, white and Yellow), Skinner blend cutters, (to the right of the Red cutters,(wavy blade, YO YO’s for texture, (a must have) Got my at , along with  those tiny round cutters in front of the rest of the cutters.

If you checked out my room you will know that this is just main tools, not including my pasta machines. One of them “bit the dust last month”, and the other is large but has no motor.I will be taking care of that problem very soon…….Right Lucy ??   LC Tools is coming out  with the Ultimate pasta machines. Yes, more then 1 style.

As I put up tutorials, I will go more in depth about the MANY things I use. You will be surprise at how many things you already have, even if you have never played with clay.

I am just learning WordPress, and I work full time, so please bare with me as I get better at posting.


Here is a link to see some of her tools and short video on how it started


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