Who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner? Most of the time we are rushing around in the morning and just grab and go.  Life is Hectic, but cooking shouldn’t be, nor does it have to be expensive. Eggs are a great source of protein. With a few leftovers and little cheese they make a great meal. Fresh Basil torn on top , slice of toast on the side and I’m a happy camper.

I love my cast iron pans. I have 2 of these that I have bought . They are the perfect size for lots of recipes. 9 1/2 inches and because it does not have a long handle, it fits well in my toaster oven. Summertime in Texas, I never use my large oven.

Disclaimer: The below link is where  I purchased  my pans.

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cast iron pan 

Start by digging out some left overs, or  frozen veggies like potatoes , onions & peppers.  Microwave  them to warm them up.


I love these. I get them at Trader Joe’s. They are a must have at all times in my freezer. If you don’t have a TJ”S close by, Im sure you can find something like them elsewhere.

Take your cast iron pan and put in oven or toaster oven and set at 375 and heat it up for 5 minutes. Meanwhile grab some eggs or egg whites or combo of both is what I use. About 4 is fine. Beat with fork add parmesan, feta or whatever cheese suits you , about 1/4 to 1/2 cup, depending on how cheesy you like it.

Ready?? USE HOT MITTS Please to remove pan  and add a tablespoon of butter, Ghee, or a little oil, then pour in warmed up veggies, pour eggs  with cheese and put back in oven and set timer for around 20 minutes and you are done.


Garnish if you like with fresh Basil, Avocado , Tomato, side salad. It also good room temperature , or a grab and go breakfast if you have left overs. Enjoy!




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